Once the storm is over

Once the storm is over,

let us wish for things to unite.

Let science has means to unite.

Let art has ways to unite.

Let science unite with art.

Paths are different one and the other.

Often there are “green and white silence” of huge trees,

once the storm is over; often, there are fallen trees.

Once the storm is over, often, all become one;

the silence, the danger, the urgency.

Storms tell us, struggle is not our own,

hope is not our own.

We are not alone;

aloneness is an illusion.

When we lose we do not lose hope.

With new resolve we end the miseries.

Science comes forward with new vigour;

confines to the realm of facts.

Art limits its reach to values.

Something remains, as expected,

leave that to the care of the other gap filler we all have.