Letter to an Imaginary friend

My dear friend,

I am on a ‘black swan’ work-from-home holidays. It is not a bandh, but nothing is working. When nothing works, one’s most precious thing works. In the unplanned holiday one doesn’t know what to do, yet one does many useful things. I made you my friend.

You are easy to make and break. But that is not the reason I made you my friend. I made you my friend because you are flexible and you allow me to think. You are my virtual friend. You possess unlimited information, and you let me take dip into this ocean of information. Often I find the shore, and often I am lost.

My dear friend, an idle mind is not always a devil's workshop. When everything is closed, my mind suddenly opened up to the idea that I assume that all is well. I saluted the idea and decided to have a friend to whom I can write on 'whenever-whatever' basis; a friend from whom I will not expect any response.

In one of those idle moments, the writing bug in me told me to simply write and not to worry too much about what I write. I liked the idea. I felt that is the true spirit of writing. Aware of my limitations, and un-skilled in the art of imagination and composition, I decided to write. I borrowed thoughts. I made them my own. I have no problem if I am less picturesque. I try to be brief. I am also told that the use of pretentious language is a sign of poor intelligence and low credibility. I am happy for my inadequate repertoire of 'pretentious language'.

I write because it breaks monotony and gives me your’s and many other’s company. In a gloomy night, it brings moonlight.


Purnendu Ghosh

Executive Director, Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur

Vice President, Indian National Academy of Engineering