I often wonder

does research lead us anywhere?

Did I not know, before going, where I wanted to go?

Did I ever question why I wanted to reach

where I wanted to go?

Am I a researcher who before reaching

knew the destination?

I wonder why I am curious?

Is it natural to know the unknown?

Why ask question when one knows the answer?

Why should I look for unexpected success?

Why should accidents make me happy?

Why should I plan for a catastrophe?

Why should I work for humanity?

Why should I wear rose-tinted glasses?

When I can see, why I feign blindness?

Am I free as a researcher?

Why I feel lonely, deliberately?

Why a researcher thinks research is a natural thing?

Why should I spend time on what is disappearing?

Why shouldn't miracles remain miracles?

Why duplication when there is only one original?

Why should I rejoice when I get my new toy.

Why should I leave parents, unattended,

in the hope of a mirage

that is likely not be seen when I go near?

Why should I be dead longer than I am alive?

Why shouldn't I spend time doing something that makes me worthwhile?

Isn't research that thing that makes me worthwhile?