The song of the road

At Nischindipur,

on the Ichamati river

lived Harihar and Sarbojaya

with daughter Durga and son Apu,

and the 'unwanted' Indir thakrun,

a distant cousin.

Harihar, essentially an optimist, was a priest.

Sarbajaya, a strong woman ready for struggle.

Durga loves her brother,

and, of course, loves Indir thakrun.

Born is Apu in cold Magh;

brings warmth, momentarily

in the family.

Harihar, as always, is optimistic;

fortune will return soon,

he will start writing again.

Few years later,

Harihar still struggling,

Jaya and Indir still fighting,

Apu starts schooling,

Durga awaits good times.

Indir thakrun lying beside a bamboo grove, dead.

Harihar leaves home, in hope of better times.

Jaya waits for coming of properity.

Good days are hard to come.

Arouses in Durga the sense of family.

In Apu grows the sense of wonder.

Comes Baisakh,

there is kaalbaisakhi,

then comes the rain.

Durga is deliriously happy,

gets thoroughly drenched, catches cold,

dies, in her mother's arms,

Apu, bewildered and lonely.

Shattered family leave Nischindipur,

for greener pastures, to Benaras.

Sun is seen setting through the cloud.

Lyrical is the story of the song of the road,

yet there are no songs.