Do you see what I see?

I see time.

I see sun, moon, stars.

I see debates.

Discussions have taken back seat.

More than the news there is analysis.

Bias is uninhibited commodity.

Antifragility is virtue.

Fragile are weak.

Speak loudly to defend democracy.

Responsibility is complacency.

Preserve mirrors. Break windows.

Fake news is also news.

Oppose with all your might, that is your birthright.

Distance is vital as closeness is.

Elections are fought, not contested.

Any news is breaking news.

Take selfies, preserve the present, forget the self.

No matter, fight till the end, you are paid for it.

Death is respectful number.

Premortem is gaining momentum.

Postmortem is passe.

Rumour spreads faster than the virus.

Truth changes colour every hour.

All infections are not contagious.

Interpolations/extrapolations more often fail.

Virus intervenes to prove that the world is flat.

Newspapers were always infected.

Vendors are now suspect.

Containers are more suspect than the milk.

Nothing happens when nothing works.

Does it matter if the world is oval or round if you are not moving.

When nothing works hope works.

Even in a flat world theory of relativity matters.

Viruses brings solitude.

Vaccines and medicines are in completion.

Fakes are in competition.

In competition are newsmakers.

In competion are newsbreakers.

In competition are liquor shops.

In competition are loan givers.

Black Swans are in competition with Gray Rhinos.

There is Pekingese problem all around.