Thus spake Siddhartha

I met Siddhartha this morning.

I wished him happy birthday.

He inquired, routinely, how I am,

what I am doing with my time.”

I told him, matter of factly,

I am celebrating your birthday

filling time with beautiful hours.

I am thinking. I am imagining.

I am watching a rising rainbow,

waiting for the storm to be over.

I am eating. I am sleeping. I am gossiping.

I am getting bored. I am getting fatigued.

I am convalescing. I am working.

I am watching Ramayana and Mahabharata.

I am watching a RAYNAISSANCE MAN.

In short, I am enjoying idleness, and not feeling guilty.

I am doing something or the other.

I have no time to spare.

Siddhartha was happy.

He said, be happy, don’t worry,

watch the sun, the moon and the stars.

Birth and death are uncertain, including mine,

in both certain as well as uncertain times.