Thank you my friends

Today I attended office after nearly two months. I was happy. Surprisingly everything looked normal to me. As if in these two months not much has changed. Grass looked little taller, little clumsy, little browner. People attending offices, maintaining distances, looking cheerful. On my way back, I was wondering why I did not miss my office. Then I realised office is made of people, office is made for work. I was working from home, many of my colleagues also. I was in touch with my people who are my life lines. Through them I was in touch with my workplace. My people never let me feel lonely, isolated and without work. I was with my people all the time. They called me whenever they needed me. I called them whenever I needed them. I signed papers, and then washed my hands. I did not shake hands but they were with me as always. Thank you my friends for being with me. We are together, crisis or no crisis.