Work is a kind of game

No game can be truthfully played without consulting the rules propagated by Gita. Gita is about true work. It is about true fight; fight with all might. Don't worry if you are fighting with your acquaintance, or enemy. Fight with all the efficiency with the person standing in front of you to attack you. Be just the most efficient fighter. Distraction leads to inefficiency. Fight unconcerned, about the results. Fight with full dedication.

Don't devalue yourself by putting a price on yourself. You are priceless. "You have the rights to perform your duty, but you are not entitled to rewards. Don't let the reward be the purpose of your action." Working free from the desire and attachment is the true nature of work. Do all the thinking before taking up the work. Once you have accepted the work don't look back. Let nothing distract you. Just play the game.

Always remember that all games are played from the neck up. Play the game, obviously to win. In your win include others. You have not won because of you alone. If you lose, don't worry, it is part of the game.

Gita is simple in theory, but difficult to practice. It is about ideal situations. Ideal situations are easy to frame, but difficult to perform. Once you come near an ideal situation, you tend to go away; particularly if the situation relates to person you are genetically linked. It is difficult to forgo ownership.

Life is a form of exploration. We explore the outside world and at the same time our inner life. It is our flight with deep spiritual contemplation and love for action. We are different another. We are differently introverted as well as extroverted. We follow the path of gain as well as renunciation. One path is different from the other, not necessarily better. Gyan and Karma go hand in hand. Work is compatible with enlightenment; in enlightenment there is sense of the self but the sense of expectation of reward is absent. "Not by absenting from work, does a man attain freedom from action; nor by mere renunciation does he attain to his perfection."

We are bound by our actions. Thinking is an act. Living is an act. These acts cause effects. Non-action is freeing oneself from the desire of personal interests, and not by abstention from physical activity. Man is truly liberated when he has no further personal necessity for works. "God works, without any binding necessity, or compelling ignorance, and even on performing work, he is not involved." Writes Radhakrishnan, "If we are to recover our lost equanimity, our lost integrity, our lost innocence we must see all things as manifestations of the Real and not objects to be grasped and possessed." Bewildered are the ones who think "I am the doer."

Gyan is knowledge of the things. Vigyan is experience of the things. Gyan relates to nature of the self, vigyan to discriminatory knowledge of the self. Gyan is spiritual wisdom. Vigyan is logical knowledge. "He knows becomes truly independent and asks guidance from no other power except his inner light."