Apur Sansar (The world of Apu)

Apu comes to Calcutta, lives in a rented room next to a railway yard. Unemployed, yet unfazed, he is writing a book on his life. Then life takes a turn, unexpectedly. He gets married to his friend’s cousin; a chance occasion. Apu's world now surrounds his unaffected, unlettered chance-wife Aparna, brought up in affluence. Apu making intellectual’s adjustment and poverty. There is love. There is honesty. There is a tragedy. Aparna dies in childbirth. Apu’s world shatters. The child remains. Apu reproaches his son for causing the death of his wife. He forsakes the child, leaves Calcutta, to lead the life of a wanderer. Time passes slowly. In the meanwhile, Kajol, the son grows wild, vents frustration, shooting at birds. Time takes its own time. Father comes back. Son overwhelms the father. But now the son relents. Apu is not the father Kajol imagined him to be. Kajol doesn't accept him as his father. Apu wins over, becomes the friend of the little boy, Trust begins to develop. Father-son leave, carrying the son on his shoulders to make a new beginning.