We see little of what is within.

Is the world beyond, of no worth ?

Or, the real world lies beyond perception ?

Could it be that someone beyond perception is virtual ?

In the beginning everything was without form,

contained in unperceived universal energy.

Someone ‘without form’ present in the beginning

might have a mind, to create visibility and form.

The one who gave visibility remained invisible, purposely.

We live in a simulated world.

Our virtual worlds are different.

We have the ability to conjure imaginary.

We create our fantasy world.

Simulated world of holograms

give us all forms of illusions;

illusions so real, even a virtual looks real.

Soul is individual, all else is communal.

Does the soul merge in a formless collective?

Death leaves traces of the virtual in the real.

And who plays the game of real and virtual ?

It is the almighty MIND

Where formed are foundations of imaginations.

Any story of virtual reality can’t be conclusive,

so be happy, remain inconclusive, and

be part of a simulation.

Some would say, it is pseudo reasoning.

Tell them, pseudo reasoning works

where ‘pseudo’ loses connotation.

Purnendu Ghosh

Executive Director, Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur

Vice President, Indian National Academy of Engineering