We are on a journey,

on the other side of the ocean.

On our way, we got plenty of special care

every age needs.

Crossing several oceans and time zones,

we finally reached our destination;

a nation of several time zones.

There was so much warmth

in the embrace of our people.

There were tears too,

filled with indescribable emotions;

the emotions that need no explanation.

We drowned ourselves in the ocean of love.

We surrounded ourselves in the smell of roses

There was drizzle outside.

There was silence; the silence filled with love and gratitude.

We watched the raindrops falling on a lush green turf, silently,

and we enjoyed the silence of the ears.

Time had no expectation from us, nor had we from time.

The mind wandered. It was not idle.

It worked best in the shower, and we were not feeling guilty.

All rests are not waste.

Wasted time, often, is the best time.

Wakeful rest is not idleness.

Lying awake can be constructive.

Constructive idleness gives a chance to

submerged truths to come on the top.