An Imaginary Friend

What happened that night was beyond my imagination.

It happened in the middle of the night.

I woke up from my deep slumber.

Before me was the creator.

He made me forget about time and space.

We exchanged pleasantries.

I asked my friend, why do people have faith in him?

Is it due to fear or love?

My friend was not perturbed. He said,

“People love me, because they have faith in me.

Why should people be afraid of me?

I am the light. I show the path.

People believe I have the power to check the evils of society.

I don’t have such powers.

It is your problem to find solutions to your problems.”

Why do you create good and the bad?

“Sensible don’t create problems, or solutions.

You have intelligence. Where will you use it,

if not in finding fault in yourself?

Can I become like you?

“Become, if that is possible, and if you have the ability.

Conceptualising a Carnot engine is easy.

It is not easy to make a 100% efficient engine.

I am happy that you have a questioning mind.

It can take you to your desired destination. ”

Is it true that you have designed us?

“It is for you to believe what you want to believe.

It is for you to understand what design means.

It is for you to decide, if natural selection and intelligent design are two different perceptions.”

Who created you?

“Infinite can’t be caught in words and thoughts.

More you would want to know me, the less you would know about me. “

Let me deny your existence.

“More you go away from me, the more you will be with me.

Be assured, for your good, you need me.”

What would you say if I question your power and moral perfection?

“Accept me, the way you like it.

Faith doesn’t need any reason, or suspension of reason.

I am limited. It is ok, if for you I am just an idea of the mind.”

I am apprehensive of what I have not seen.

About you I have some vague notions.

Often I can see you, as I am seeing you now.

“Do you think you have the capacity to see me?

If you think, you have seen me, irrespective of, I exist or not.”

I have understood that if I want to understand you,

I must have the capacity to understand you.

It is for me to see you as an unbounded straight line, or a bounded triangle.

I shall cherish the beautiful moments I shared with you.

“Some claim to have known me. Some want to measure me. All like to use me.

I am a thought experiment:

an experiment that can be thought of, but can’t be performed.

I am like a cat encased in a box.

To know, if I am dead or alive, open the box.

And when the box is opened, that ‘something’ inside the box

loses capacity to keep alive the thing inside.

I can’t be appraised. You are safe until I am safe.

Let me remain unknown.

Let me reside in your imagination,

as your imaginary friend.”

We hope to meet soon, my imaginary friend.

“God willing, we shall meet again.”