Recession, layoff, pink slip, cut, flab, hiring freeze, downsizing – fearful words. These are becoming part of our everyday lexicon. Loss of a job is a loss of morale, a feeling of dejection. There is anger. One feels penalized for no-fault. One becoming a liability is so bothersome. Those who are not given the pink slip also feel guilty, as if they are responsible for the job loss. The layoff is not only about unworthiness. Layoffs occur because there is not enough work. These are situational contingencies. In such situations, both the employer and the employee behave inconsistently. There was a scene in Jana Aranya (The Middleman). In this film, the interviewer asks the candidate (Somenath), after a few inane questions, "What is the weight of the moon?" Somenath wonders what weight of the moon has to do with this job. Such questions are an expression of frustration on the part of the interviewers. For them, rejection is the selection criteria. You reject when you can’t choose. Such questions are meant to distract the candidates. One does feel bad whatever are the reasons. You have no work despite being young, intelligent, and educated is exasperating. Sensitive people think too much. Insensitivity, to some extent, helps to deal with such situations. But no one would like to be insensitive for the sake of a job. Wait for some time. For, if you need a job, a job also needs you. Layoff teaches self-discovery and self-analysis. It reminds us of the uncertainty that exists in our daily lives. It is tough for a person to convey the bad news, especially when he knows that the person at the receiving end doesn't deserve it. It is like this - "I like you and care for you. Still, I advise you to leave." In such moments, sermons do not make the desired impact. It is often very difficult to deliver a veiled and authoritative statement. There is another scenario. I fired one of my colleagues a few years ago despite the fact that I cared for him. After a few years, I stayed with him. In one of our adda sessions, he told me, "I did not realize then that by advising me to leave the job you did me a favour." I am happy that the special talent my colleague had is now better utilized. Lay off did well for him.