We are like a fluid. We are like a story where there is no plot. So much happens and, in the end, we take the shape of the vessel. Our opinions, our relationships are all fluid. Fluids can't resist distortion. When a fluid is disturbed, it tends to flow. There are various layers in a fluid. One layer slides over the other and attains a new shape. During this change, shear stresses act on the layers. The magnitude of the shear stresses depends upon the viscosity of the fluid, and the rate of sliding. When the final shape is reached, all shear stresses disappear. A fluid in equilibrium is free of shear stresses. Ideal fluids are incompressible. We are compressible and, therefore, non-ideal. Our capacity for compressibility reflects our non-ideal character. Take water in a bucket. Swirl the water vigorously. There will be a vortex formation. Vortex formation is undesirable. If the agitator speed is very high, the vortex may be so deep that it will affect the working of the agitator. What is the solution? Place baffles in the fluid to reduce vortex formation. Just place your finger in the bucket. Fingers act like a baffle. Our situation is like water in a bucket. We are moving very fast in the material world, and if we do not want void or vortex formation, we must place baffles at appropriate points. What kind of baffle one would use is for one to decide. Effective agitation and mixing of fluids are important for many process operations. Agitation and mixing is not the same thing. Agitation is induced motion in a specified way (mostly circular), whereas mixing is the random distribution of two or more initially separate phases. It is useful for us to understand the merits and demerits of effective agitation (controlled aggression), vortex formation (imperfection), and baffles (methods to check imperfection) to lead a meaningful life. Audacity is a form of aggression. Audacity (aggression) can be a human asset as well as liability. "The aggressive man may be the one who risks being wrong in order to set something right and that is also human audacity." We should know the limit when aggression/audacity gets transformed from an asset to a liability. Tact in audacity is in knowing how far one can go without going too far. Michael Johnson concentrated on two opposites - aggression and relaxation. When relaxation followed aggression, he won the race in a record time. When he relaxed before aggression, he won but did not create history.