This year HBTI completes 100 years and I complete more than 5 decades of graduation. I graciously salute Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (HBTI) Kanpur for giving me so much. I respectfully remember my teachers Prof T K Ghose, Prof VH Potty, Prof Gauri Shanker, Prof SN Mukhopadhyay, Prof VK Jain, Prof RK Saxena, Prof Ashok Ghosh, Prof DN Saxena, Prof Dinesh Narayan and many others for guiding me to the future. I fondly remember my classmates Vinod Bihari, Amarendra Nath Pathak, Upkar Singh, Santosh Gupta, Shankar Lal Garg, Prem Prakash Agarwal, Chandra Mohan Mehta, Rajiv Mehta, DP Singh, Avdhesh Bharadwaj, Indra Pal Singh Senghar, Jagdev Bhambri, Raj Kumar Kapoor, Brij Nandan Gupta, Uma Shankar Prasad, KK Agarwal, Vinod Malshe and many others for giving me the confidence to move ahead in the world. I remember a few of my books that laid the foundation of my future: Biochemical Engineering by Aiba, Humphrey, Millis; Chemical Process Principles by Hougen, Watson, Ragatz, Unit Operations by McCabe, Smith, Thermodynamics by Dodge, Kinetics by Smith, Biochemistry by Conn and Stumph, Microbiology by Pelczar and Reid, Chemical Technology by Dryden, Modern Physics by Beiser, Organic Chemistry by Finar. These and many other books continued to be my constant companions in my teaching and research profession. And the companion I would never forget was my Faber Castle Aristo Slide Rule.

Thus began the design, development and engineering of life more tha 5 decades ago.