Goodbye 2020

No work worth mentioning during the year

Yet I was busy

Thank God, my mind was working

Said so many wonderful things

Hours in the shower are like zero hours

Zeros enhanced the worth of time

Learned nothing new and I am not feeling guilty

There was lot of Sun

I was with myself, in the Sun

Doing nothing was a way of life

I ate, watched, observed, listened

I said nothing, yet I said many things

I saw beauty in everything

I stepped into myself with no purpose

I stepped out and I found purpose

Don’t ask me what that was

I recalled a logic: “I like to do all the talking myself.

It saves time, and prevents arguments.”

While talking I assumed I possess a beautiful mind

The polite know the art of conversation

Good nature is natural politeness

Artificial good natured are also polite

Undesirable is exuberance in politeness

Sycophancy is despicable as rudeness is

Silences are flattering than compliments

Life is simple, don’t complicate it

Life has flaws, be kind and considerate

Something will go wrong, as it goes along

Life is found in grief, yearning, need, strife

Catch the fleeting moments

Greet the day with new delight

Celebrate life, fill it with beautiful hours.