Childhood is so special. We don’t want to leave it. Likewise, we don’t want to leave home. We have to leave home, nevertheless. There was a time when the consequences of leaving home did not worry us so much. Now it matters. Does an individual change, as he shifts from one place to another? Some say, regardless of the location, individuals remain unchanged. They say our psychology, our consciousness, and our subjectivity do not really depend on the place we live. I am not too sure of what they say. We are at home with our body, with our senses, with our work the moment we have the ‘sense of home’. This sense lights up our responsive network. For a home to be a ‘home’, one needs a homemaker. One could be the homemaker himself. For many people home is part of self-definition. We like to display ourselves through our homes. A mere functional living space is not home. One needs to develop a relationship with the space to call it a home. What a paradox, unless you leave home, you wouldn’t know what you are missing.