When you see a beautiful face on a busy street, or

See a glimpse of her from a running train, or

Spot her in a social gathering

You start thinking someone is made for you

The moment you think of prolonging the moment

Expectations creep in. Give and take start doing

Mass and energy balance calculations

Investments are made, in the hope of better returns

Love, instead of crystallization, begins to evaporate

Love is pushed to the second spot

You are waiting for someone

She comes, you feel fulfilled

You fall in love

You think you got what you were waiting for

Filled with infinite satisfaction

You feel good that someone is made for you

Sooner than you imagined, doubt begins to creep in

Frightful calamity seizes you, and at the same time

You don’t want to lose the give and take game

You convince that love has not died completely

You wait for the recovery of the lost love

Love is so delightful. It arises hope

It grows when one is nearby

It even grows when the distance is infinite

If one can see the other, against the sky

Love floats when there is freedom

“Like the earth

In whose depth

Root system is held secure.”