You only can make yourself a liability or an asset. No one should take away this right of yours. Your self-worth is your property. You may feel low, seemingly for no reason, or for reasons beyond your control. When that happens gear up to bring back your self-worth. Try to streamline your negative thought patterns. Perhaps, unhealthy habits are responsible for the lowering of your self-worth. Be careful. Avoid people who support your negativity. Toxic people talk only about themselves. They don't hear what you say. People supporting your positivity are helpful to uplift you. Going overboard with your apologies is certainly not a great idea. Before saying sorry, don’t always assume your fault. You may not have done anything wrong. Don’t feel indebted unnecessarily to someone. Don’t always think others are thinking only bad about you. Fear is the greatest killer. Learn to say no. A yes-man has the least self-worth. You can't make everyone happy all the time. When complimented, accept it graciously, instead of saying ‘Oh no I did not deserve it’. External validations are important for one's self-worth. Always comparing yourself with others harms you more than helps you. Have clear perception about yourself; a skewed perception leads to a drop in self-esteem. Attaining perfection all the time harms self-esteem the most. A perfect world is like a thought experiment. Don't let anyone take you for granted. You only can protect your dignity. You must have the courage to take the responsibilities of your decisions.