Good food is a good company

Food connoisseurs believe that eating alone is a good way to enjoy one’s company. A lone diner writes, “How often do I see couples not speak to each other for an entire meal.” Eating alone, you don’t have to pay attention to your companion. You don’t have to make compromises while placing orders. When you are eating alone, you can indulge in several other luxuries, like eating without a spoon and a fork. Of course, dining alone requires certain amount of confidence. In a surrounding where everyone is with everyone else and you are with yourself, you might get upset. Eating alone does not reflect lack in social standing. Being alone does not mean being out of touch. “As with any other solo pursuit, eating alone requires a carefully balanced combination of commitment, enthusiasm and self-adoration.”

“Must be a loner” is how one reacts when one sees someone (particularly a woman) sitting alone in a restaurant. You don’t have to pity her. She is enjoying her own company and that’s why she is there. As Charles Lamb said, “I particularly savour the peacefulness of eating alone. Some of my best meals have been with just myself.” For a lone diner, it is relatively easy to get a place even on a crowded day in a popular restaurant.