In the beginning, everything without form

was confined in unperceived universal energy.

An intelligent mind arrived, to give visibility and form.

One wonders, why did the mind remain invisible?

The undying fire from where exited a splinter

upon cooling, gave rise to life.

If the fire becomes motionless, what would remain?

Would the scarcely kindled splinter still glow in the motionless fire?

In the immensity of void, what sustains the undying fire?

Many things are still unknown, yet life goes on, to know the unknown.

Holograms of conjured images, so real,

simulated fantasy looks factual.

How indecisive imagery forms virtual reality?

It was a calm night. The sky was clear.

Moon came out in the still sky.

Clouds appeared, floating, to splay colour on the dreamy sky.

Gardens were full of flowers. Birds were flying in a shifting horizon.

Moon looked like a portrait on a canvas, with changing interpretations.

It was so light and fragile, suspended in the boundless sky,

like a speck, to illuminate the spirit of the sky.

It moved up, above the dark, at the call of the dawn, in the dead of winter.

A sparrow coming inside a cosmic hall, touched by warmth and filled with light.

It darted joyfully, in the gleam of light.

In a few moments, it disappeared, as it appeared, beyond the familiar.

No one knows where?

A time traveller, a wanderer, not certain, where to go,

no travails to face, nothing to accomplish, experiences time, as it pleases him.

Like the proverbial Janus, he can see the beginnings and the end

in the same frame of time and the same vista of vision.

Always on the move, unconcerned with the depth of time,

unnerved by the expanse of space.

Gets trapped in the endless now, the moment clogs the time machine.