If you do retirement planning, can it be called retirement?

Is retirement only freedom from work? Does retirement planning only resolve financial matters? When you have withdrawn yourself from active working life, why should it bother you? When you are financially independent even when you are not working for money, why should you need financial planning? How can a planner do your planning better than yourself? When the idea of retirement did not exist a hundred years ago, how people managed their daily affairs. What factors are responsible for your worries? You are going to live for another 20 years, is that bothering you? It is perfectly fine if you don’t want to die ‘prematurely’. Are you worried that those you have earned will not take care of you when you need their support. Ask yourself seriously, have you really worked for them or for yourself. Are you worried that you have not saved enough for yourself? If yes, then you should be worried, as you only are the provider of your support system. Any expectation from anyone is not even a bonus. Planners work for those who can help them plan their own future. You have to unfold your own truths. Life is not fully in our control, both before and after retirement. Our conscious decisions are often intuitive. Pandemic or no pandemic, we work in a flexi framework. When our unsteady states go out of bound, we want them to come back to steady state, as quickly as possible. Often they come back, and often wash out occurs. Often the flow rates are unmanageable. We only can decide how best we can control our unsteady situations. We only can understand our situations most effectively. Those who can’t, should consult a consultant. You go to a doctor only when you can’t manage your health. You like to go to a doctor who understands you beyond your health.

One of my friends retired recently. There was still time for him to retire. I asked him, why did he retire?'' He said retirement always doesn’t need a reason, nor post-retirement needs planning. I asked him, what next? He said, if he knew what next, he wouldn’t have retired. Whatever limited resources my friend had, he decided to go on a trip, having no particular destination in mind. I asked my friend to take me along with him. His point-blank response was ‘no’. He said, a person who can’t take a day’s leave without planning, how can one expect him to go on an unplanned holiday. He said, a good friend need not be a good companion.

My friend has ‘planned’ his retirement. I am still planning my retirement. Hopefully, I will retire one day.