Ignorance is blissful

How unprepared I was when I began teaching. My situation was somewhat similar to Raju in the film Guide. People developed faith in Raju. He felt he could deliver and he delivered. Often faith does wonders. Like Raju, I too started believing that I can deliver. Of course, my students gave me the comfort to feel so. The theory of evolution says that species get used to their new environment. I learned this fundamental of evolution very early in life.

Why do we work? Why is work monotonous and meaningless? Why do we have twice as many ‘actively disengaged’ workers as there are ‘engaged’ workers? When I graduated from ‘abecedarian ignorance' that precedes knowledge to ‘doctoral ignorance' that comes after it, I did not know what kind of work is suitable for me, or I am capable of getting it. I wanted to work in a bank, and that too in the city where I grew up, so that I can remain with my family and friends. That did not happen. I became a teacher, instead. After 4 decades, I can tell that each day has been a new day for me, every experience a new experience. I sometimes think, as Bertrand Russell thought, “there is far too much work done in the world.” Are we teaching too much? If I know too much, is it helpful? Over information generates cognitive stress. How much to depend on our external memory space?