Recession, layoff, pink slip, cut, flab, hiring freeze, downsizing

fearful words of the new lexicon

Loss of job, loss of morale, feeling of dejection. There is anger; one feels penalized for no-fault

Becoming a liability is so bothersome

There is a feeling of guilt

Layoff is not only about unworthiness

It is a situational contingency

It occur because there is not enough work

Such situations create inconsistency

In the film The Middleman

the interviewer, after a few inane questions

asks the candidate, "What is the weight of the moon"

The candidate wonders, what weight of the moon has to do with the job

Some questions are expressions of distraction

One does feel bad when one has no work

despite being young, intelligent, and educated Sensitive thinks too much

Insensitivity, to some extent, helps to deal with such situations

No one likes to be insensitive for the sake of a job

Wait a bit, happy days are coming again

For, if you need a job, a job also needs you

Layoff teaches self-discovery and self-analysis

It prepares us to deal with the uncertainty

It is tough to convey the bad news, especially to those who don't deserve it

In some moments, sermons do not impact

It is difficult to become a veiled authority

There is yet another scenario

You fire a colleague, despite you cared for him

After few years, he comes to your adda session

and tells, "I did not realize then that by firing me know, you did a favour to me."

I am happy that the special talent my colleague had

found avenues elsewhere

Lay off proved better for him