Nature has feelings

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose believed in the fundamental unity of all lives, but he believed that all life forms don’t have the same level of consciousness. Like Bose, Barbara McClintock believed in the oneness of things. In order to love plants, she used to say, one must have feeling for the plant. One must have “feeling for the organism,” writes Evelyn Fox Keller. By ‘feeling’ she meant that one must be able to hear what the organism is saying; when it wants to come near you, let it come; one must recognise that different plants, like different humans, need different treatments. Mere seeding is not enough for a plant to grow. Feeling for the organism means to go along with the plant, as it grows. Feeling for the organism goes much beyond reason. McClintock says that our scientific intelligence is not sufficient to understand the ingenuity of nature. Plants have the capability of doing much more than our ‘scientific intelligence’ can perceive. Nature has emotions. Nature has feelings. Nature is full of diverse organisms. We are an important component of nature.