I would like to remember Guru Dutt with Pyasa. The film is about a struggling poet. The poet epitomises the hapless state of the Indian youth in the post-colonial India. The film conveys that the root cause of poverty is not material shortage, but the shortage of intellect and thoughts. Nothing can be better than words to express thoughts. It is not necessary to be loud, but it is necessary to be loud enough to be heard. Often one gets love and respect from the places and people where it is least expected. Guru Dutt got it from Waheeda Rehman. There are only a few filmmakers like Guru Dutt, as far as the use of music in the films are concerned. I enjoyed the way he introduced a song in the film. The role of the poet was earlier given to Dilip Kumar, who could not do it due to his other commitments. I am very happy that Guru Dutt did the role himself. He was as good in front of the camera as he was behind. Sahir Ludhianvi-SD Burman combination is at its best. The film symbolises poet’s angst and malaise due to society’s indifference. The poetremains an unfulfilled ‘Pyasa’. His failures make him thirstier.