A fatigued mind is a form of scarcity. Hunger is a form of scarcity. Loneliness is another form of scarcity. Paucity of time is yet another form of scarcity. If you are not getting enough sleep it is a form of scarcity. Scarcity causes insecurity. Running away from scarcity doesn’t help. Scarcity steals mental capacity. One way to overcome the insecurity of scarcity is to use our meagre resources wisely. What happens when people face scarcity? Why scarcity makes us irrational? It is said that scarcity depletes one’s ‘mental bandwidth’. One loses focus, one’s choices and one’s decisions become limited under scarce conditions. One may have plenty of things, but if one thinks that he is resource poor, what one has in plenty is of no use. One must know what he has. India is not a resource poor country. What it needs is better utilisation of its resources.