The Happy Slave

Charles Darwin, like his every other decision, was not sure if marriage serves any purpose. He wanted to marry his cousin but was not sure about the necessity of union. Darwin thought marriage allows one to have a constant companion and also a female friend for chit-chat. He also thought marriage is a terrible loss of time. Constant companions for him were children, and friends in old age. Female chit-chat, he felt, is good for one’s health. He couldn’t imagine that he has to work the whole life for the sake of being married. In favour of ‘not marry’, few of the things for him were freedom to go where one liked, not forced to visit relatives, can read in the evenings, anxiety and responsibility. The next thing that bothered him was - If one decides to get married, when? If one marries soon, he is facing infinite troubles, like furnishing a house, loss of time every day walking with the wife. If one does not marry soon, one misses so much good pure happiness. After spending so many hours thinking about the pros and cons of marriage, Darwin decided to get married. He quipped, there are many happy slaves. This ‘happy slave’ produced ten children and also the best science. Darwin proved that love and work co-exist.