Perfect marriage doesn’t happen, as that needs two perfect halves, and perfect halves are not found. How can this happen when present-day ‘halves’ have so different beginnings, middles, and the ends. The important point to remember is that these differences are natural. Perfect means most compatible. If man is a source, woman is a sink, and vice-versa. Depending upon the circumstances, man and woman change roles as source and sink. This is the thermodynamics of better halves.

Take the mathematics of better halves. It is non-linear in nature, as it gives rise to chaos. The weather is famously non-linear, where simple changes in one part of the system produce complex effects throughout. If we replace weather by marriage, the above statement will not lose any of its charm, or significance. So, don’t ever try to solve non-linear problems using simple linear equations, and remember that compatible, not perfect, halves make a better whole.