Transforming technical conscience into applied realities (6)

India is undertaking a Make in India programme. One of its prime agenda for development is Smart Manufacturing. It is setting up facilities to help SME’s. Internet of Things hubs are being set up in some states with the active participation of the private sector. FMCG, Telecom, Healthcare are some of the sectors that have adopted Industry 4.0. With technological advances, many ethical issues are bound to surface. We have to understand that industrial revolutions are about empowering people, not the rise of machines. Machines can never supply the judgment and ingenuity people can. Tech hubs and start-ups are created to help ideas germinate and companies prosper. Incubators are one of the prominent tools to promote S&T-driven entrepreneurship in India. These are designed to nurture start-ups by providing infrastructure and support services and linkages with other participants of the innovation network. The primary objective of ‘Make in India’ initiative is to make India a global manufacturing hub and increase its global trade significantly shortly. It intends to develop the manufacturing sector, foster innovation, skill development, implement intellectual property rights, and promote foreign direct investment. Its purpose is a change of image of India from a ‘regulator’ to a ‘facilitator’. India can do it. It has enough market opportunity and promising local talent. It has a low-cost manufacturing hub and untapped economic opportunity.