Though I am not a keen walker, I am fully convinced of the virtues of walking. Thoreau said, walking awakens our spiritual values. I have started taking short walks at my rooftop, not to awaken my spiritual values, but to listen to some old Hindi film songs. This is the time I connect with my essential wildness. I can’t walk briskly. I walk idly. I don’t walk in the morning. I walk in the evening. It is Godhuli Bela. This is the time for the birds to return home. I don’t walk to burn my fat. I walk to recall my Kanpur days. I walk like a river. When I walk I walk like a free man. I walk leisurely. Music gives me that freedom. My thinking knows no bounds. In half an hour I cover 70 years. I meet those who have gone away, much ahead of their time. Walking takes time. Leisure is a hard earned commodity. Not everyone can afford it. While walking I think of those who walked with me. I think of the people who let me hold their hands.