Before one attempts to construct a complex model, it is logical to construct a simple model. Evolution proceeds from simple to complex. From dependent one becomes relatively independent. From lesser to greater autonomy is the norm. The logical hindsight indicates that a simple model is constructed first and then a complex model is attempted.

Now consider the viewpoint of embryologists. They say, “Nature's first intention was to create a female,” as “For its first 35 days in the womb, every human foetus is female.” They say, in other words, women are less complicated.

The next question is - how did the female foetus become a man?

To explain this we can use the perception of emergent properties; properties that emerge at a certain level of complexity, but do not exist at lower levels. So, we can say, once the simple female foetus achieves a certain level of complexity, it switches to a more complex male.

It means, woman is not only the future, but also the past of man.

Compatible halves, not perfect, make a better whole.

Perfect marriages don’t happen. Perfect marriage needs perfect halves, and perfect halves are not found. Perfect, as far as marriages are concerned, means most compatible. If man is a source, then woman is a sink, and vice-versa. Depending upon the circumstances, man and woman change roles, as source and sink.

The mathematics of better halves says it is non-linear in nature, as simple change in one part gives rise to chaos. And so, don't ever try to solve non-linear problems using simple linear equations, and remember that compatible, not perfect, halves make a better whole.

The most celebrated better halves are Adam and Eve. Theirs is believed to be an ideal marriage. Adam did not have to hear all the time about the men Eve could have married. Eve did not have to hear day-in and day-out that her mother-in-law was the best cook.